Hotel Pareda****
luca direttore pareda

This is the 3rd generation. Every day has been a daily challenge. We want to spend our energy in this job because we believe in it, in its power. Guests are not just clients but living people with a past, present and future... and everything changes. Each person has his own beauty that needs its time to come out.

We want to be in all of this. After all these years we want to see the light in our guests' eyes and that smile, when you go back home. It's possible. So our job is not job anymore, but a mission: make you feel happy!

Our new logo

About us & Ideas

Pareda...  our new logo!

A sweet line, like the capital letter P that crosses with its axes... it is the edge, it protects all the things that lie behind it. After the axes, there are two lines, two waves: they remind us water, the river... or it is better to say, the riverbed..."Alveis". 
The Ladin language gets deeply inside our new logo, our sign... it is our house and home. These elements are closed into a green circle. Green, like nature, life, happiness... it is like the "nature's hug" in your life. Life is everywhere, there is respect, care, wellbeing. It's Pareda. 

365happy days

Our philisophy

1. Name: Pareda
In Ladin language it means "edge, barrier" but here its true meaning is security and refuge.
2. Our mission
Starting from these two concepts, refuge and security, we have decided to work in order to make you feel happy. Our know-how, our passion and your collaboration, will help us to be what you need.
3. Philosophy
We give you what we are. We convey what we know, which means, that we feel sure because we know our territory. Also, we perfectly know that nature is not ours, so, we MUST take CARE care of it and LOVE it. And we try to say it with our lives.
4. 2020... the year of our 4th
2020 begins with a super news: ONE MORE STAR, a new hotel category, new level of responsability, progress, generosity, professionality and foresight. It is a challenge. Nothing is taken for granted, work is our main rule. We will try to do our best.